Welcome to the Feed.Us demo

Welcome to the Feed.Us Demo site. We've provided this site and the corresponding asp website files, so that you can try out Feed.us on your own.

Please contact Feed.Us's Rick Stratton (contact at feed dot us) for the Feed.Us login/password and for the asp website files. Once you've attained these items, please follow the directions below. Suggestion: You must have a decent familiarity with setting up a website. This is a css/xhtml/asp two page site.


1. Unzip the files.  We've provided a homepage (default.asp), a "detail" page (detail.asp), a CSS file (home.css) and two asp Feedus "Grabber" files.

2.  Place all the files into a folder on your server.  It should be asp compatable.  Contact us for the PHP or .net versions.

3. Create a "directory" called "CachedWebContent".  Give this read & write access.  Here's how you do it in Godaddy.

4. Login to Feed.Us using the provided login/pw. 

5.  Hit "compose" and add a new article. Make sure you select the "homepage" category to add the story to the homepage.  Click submit when you're done and review your work.

6. To publish your post, click  "refresh content"  at the top of the page. This forces the FeedUsGrabber file to download the newest versions off of the Feed.us server.  If you don't "force refresh cache", it will grab a new version within 30 minutes.

7. Check out the website you've just created.  It will also update the Feed.Us demo website as well.

8. You may want to review this "getting started" post on the FeedUsBlog.

9. Contact us for more info.