The Feed.Us "detail.asp" page

I've avoided try to explain this step in FeedUs site setup.  It's not that it's a difficult thing to do because it's quick and easy.  It's just tricky to explain.

Look at this site (the one you're looking at).  It's got the title and teaser on the homepage.  It links to a permalink that we generate dynamically.  When I write this page, I don't have to create the permalink location.  I just have to have one file located on my server called "Detail.asp" (or detail.php, etc) and that file has this code (there's a php version too):

                If (request("c") <> "") Then
                    NewsStandURL = "" &request("c") &"&cs=&xs=Default-Title_Body&l=loginname&a=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
                    NewsStandURL = ""%>
                    No content specified.
                <%end if%>
                <!--#include file ="FeedUsGrabber.asp"-->

It's a great feature of feedus because it makes some really interesting functionality.  You could actually make two files, a default (index) and a detail page and then use to create your navigation and all the rest of the pages of a site.  

Also, using a URL rewrite (like ISAPI rewrite), you can include the page's title out of into your URL.