The Feed.Us scriptomatic

We here at Feed.Us want to store your content and then make it easy to display that content on any site, hosted anywhere.   The easiest and most effective way we do that is with our main web service, our "scriptomatic".

The scriptomatic works like a javascript widget, but it's serverside.  You'll get 2 lines of code that you can copy/paste into any php, asp,, jsp xhtml file.  Those 2 lines of code will display content that's fed out of Feed.Us's servers.

Basically, just choose what categories of content (examples: homepage, news, press releases, etc), and then what fields to display (title, summary, links, full body).   The scriptomatic gives you 2 lines of code that can be pasted into any file. 

(FYI, you'll need to have the FeedUs grabber files on your server and add one directory). 

Here's a 90 second screencast: